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KRAMP Multi Spray 500ml

KRAMP Multi Spray 500ml
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KRAMP Multi Spray 500ml
Spray for universal applications.
A universal creeping and lubricating product that penetrates rust and corrosion, moisture displaces and removes dirt and deposits.
Based on paraffin oil and an organic compound inhibitor that prevents rust and corrosion by forming a continuous film against water
Displaces moisture, starts wet engines, prevents electrical failures.
Lubricates, loosens seized and rusted mechanisms.
Protects against humidity, prevents rust.
Penetrates quickly even into the finest pores and cracks in the surface.
Lubricates and restores smooth operation.
Displaces moisture from all electrical circuits and ignition systems, enabling damp engines to be started.
Loosens rusted parts and makes them function again.
Eliminates annoying squeaks.
Provides a thin film that protects metal from corrosion due to moisture and other corrosive conditions.